Excuse the dust, we're always under construction.

We could tell you how, for nearly two decades, Human Touch Graphic Design has been providing our clients with high-quality, cost-effective solutions to a wide range of design challenges, but that's the sort of thing all design firms say.

Or, we could bore you with dozens of pages and links to blogs and academic sites trying to explain the esoteric nature of design and how we blah, blah, blah, but we'll leave that to those other guys as well!

You already get that, all else being equal, a well-designed and executed brand identity can provide the edge your business needs in - and we apologize for the cliche - today's competitive global market. You understand that design adds value, after all, if not for high aesthetic, a Movado would be just a watch, a Lamborghini just a car, and iPod just another data storage device.

Take a look around our site and if something elicits an "a-ha" - call or e-mail us, we'd love to design an a-ha for you.

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